Grades & Grading

“In psychology, procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time.”

Doing the Work:

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Note: Solitude can increase your ability to concentrate.
The Benefits of Solitude

Here are ten tips on how to get a good grade from me.

  1. Show up for class relentlessly.
  2. Participate. Try to answer questions, or at least ask a few.
  3. Turn your work in on time.
  4. Show up the day we have rough draft critique in class.
  5. Write papers that address the requirements of the assignment.
  6. Be honest and sincere.
  7. Communicate with me, especially ahead of time or if you're having trouble.
  8. Don't procrastinate.
  9. READ!! Do the required homework and come to class prepared.
  10. TRY!! If it matters to you, it will matter to me.

Memory: Here's an interesting article on how to improve your short-term memory.
Increasing your capacity to pay attention

Final Grade

Though your work over the semester may include + or - distinctions (i.e. A- or C+), your final grade will not. The points listed below for papers, presentations, class participation and the final add up to a total of 100 points total. Your final grade will be based on the number of points you accumulate over the quarter and will be graded as follows:
Total Points for the Semester
90-100 points = A
80-89 points = B
70-79 points = C
65-69 points = D
Below 65 = no credit for course

Course Requirements

Rough Drafts

The points (total 5) on your rough draft papers reflect the following. You'll receive:
  • 5 points for a full length draft with a beginning middle and end, critiqued in class in the day it's due and turned in.*
  • 3.5-4 points for an incomplete draft, critiqued in class in the day it's due and turned in.*
  • 3 points for coming to class even if you don't have a rough draft the day the rough drafts are due.*
  • 2 points for emailing a rough draft on the day its due, but not showing up to class to work on it.
  • 1 point for a rough draft turned in with the final draft if you were absent the day the rough drafts were due.


procrastination_6.jpgGraded Papers

Final Draft

The points (total 10) on your graded papers are distributed as follows:
  • 5 points for grammar, structure, and required length
  • 5 points for content, knowledge of subject, and persuasive strength of the thinking behind your position. If your paper does not address the assignment, you will lose at least one full grade, and could receive a D or F, even if the paper is well written. Remember proven plagiarism, including turning in a paper you did not write, can result in failure of the class.